Job informationJob introduction

Air conditioning equipment, water supply and drainage sanitary equipment, and electrical equipment are lifelines that are indispensable to people's lives.

As long as there is new construction or renovation of the building, the needs that we, the equipment industry, should meet will continue to be born. In many cases, we receive requests for regular maintenance and renewal work from customers who started after the design and construction of equipment, and it is also characterized by a large proportion of repeat customers. It is a stable industry that is not affected by the economy.

Job introductionDesign (New construction / Renewal work)


We design air conditioning equipment, water supply and drainage sanitation equipment, and electrical equipment according to the scale and use of various buildings such as public facilities, office buildings, commercial / leisure facilities, medical and welfare facilities, accommodation facilities, and factories. Especially in the renewal work, we will take the customer's request to the maximum, conduct on-site survey, and make better design and proposal.

Job introductionCAD (Blueprint / Construction drawing)


Create blueprint and construction drawings using CAD software. Based on the blueprint, we will finish the drawing that can be used for estimation and construction.

Job introductionEstimation


We will pick up the necessary materials and quantities from the blueprint and specifications, and calculate the construction cost using the dedicated estimation software.

Job introductionConstruction management

Construction management

We manage all of the sites, including the five items of quality (Q), cost (C), delivery (D), safety (S), and environment (E). We will grasp the situation that change day by day and aim to complete the construction together with our partner companies.