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2nd year after joining the company

Voice of senior staff2nd year after joining the company

In my first year with the company, I was in charge of a new library construction project under senior employees.
On site, senior employees and partner companies taught me about the work flow and names of parts and materials, and I participated in meetings with other contractors to learn how the site was being carried out in coordination with them. It was a tough job at times, but I learned a lot from the experience of working on a building from scratch and seeing the finished product. I am able to work with a fresh mind every day, seeing and learning in places that I normally cannot enter or see.

4rh year after joining the company

Voice of senior staff3rd year after joining the company

I experienced the general workflow in my first and second year with the company. From this year onwards, I am taking the initiative and Proactively working at the site myself. As well as safety management in the course of construction, the company also checks construction quality, calculates the costs of construction, prepares process schedules and manages progress. It is hard for me to give instructions efficiently and avoid doing reworking because of my lack of knowledge and experience. However I will overcome these difficulties for future growth.

5th year after joining the company

Voice of senior staff7th year after joining the company

The experience of working on various sites taught me that it is necessary not only to complete construction as planned, but also to pursue the company's own interests while providing high quality and meeting the customer's needs.
Currently, as the site manager, I am also responsible for negotiating with customers and teaching junior staff. Better results can be achieved by building trusting relationships with relevant parties on site, and by building internal cohesion, including with junior staff and partner companies. In the future, I would like to contribute not only to my own growth, but also to the further growth of my company by working in unison with the junior staff and subcontractors who are in charge of the sites with me.

Career step
Career step

1st year after joining the company < The anxiety of starting to work makes you happy >

You will study the flow of design and construction management with your seniors. Your seniors and bosses will carefully teach you what you don't understand, so your anxiety about working will disappear day by day, and you should be able to feel fresh every day. When the building that you were involved in the equipment work is completed, you can feel a great sense of accomplishment.

3rd year after joining the company < To be able to work alone >

You will be able to work alone without the help of your seniors. In the third year, you have the ability to think for yourself, make proper arrangements, and get to work.
The range of work has expanded, and you can engage in large-scale construction that takes about one year, from construction that takes about one week. As you connect with people inside and outside the company you work with and experience a series of jobs, you often suggest to your colleagues, "Isn't it better to do this?"

5th year after joining the company < Active in large projects >

It is time to participate in a project that takes more than a year to complete and play an active role. Motivated employees are given the opportunity to accomplish big and rewarding jobs one after another. Our company has a corporate culture in which employees who have a track record regardless of their work history can aim for the top. Employees who have become the core of the company will contribute to society through work related to energy saving and improvement of comfort, and will steadily realize their career plans.