This is our companyTraining of engineers and Improved efficiency
of business operations

We always provide the highest quality to our customers by teaching young employees the technology that our senior employees have cultivated

In monthly training sessions, we provide education tailored to the level of employees, from basic techniques to new construction methods, and train them so that they can provide the best construction from a wide variety of construction methods.

At the "Start of Construction Meeting" held before starting new construction, employees with abundant experience gather to share ideas from various angles and share their know-how. Through this kind of education, we will acquire the responsiveness and technical skills to make appropriate decisions and take actions according to the situation at that time, and grow.

In addition, we are trying to improve work efficiency by using a tablet to share drawings and site progress with companies and site members on the cloud, and to use an application that can easily create construction photos and inspection records.

Training of engineers and Improved efficiency of business operations